What is the retreat about?

This retreat is all about expanding our sisterhood across the world, nourishing our souls, loving ourselves and those close to us and learning all about ancient traditions and techniques to 'mother the mother'.

Closing the Bones/ceremonies is normally accredited to coming from Ecuador, however it is also a common tradition in Morocco especially amongst the traditional local 'midwives'. We even have a tradition to get closing the bones done in the hamam (traditional bath) using herbs as well. 

We will be joined by the amazing Nicola Mahdiyyah Goodall (Red Tent Doulas UK) to offer workshops, along with meeting and training with traditional Moroccan healers and midwives.

I have always had a deep passion to empower and encourage women in all walks of life. It is such a demanding but rewarding job being a pre/post- natal professional and you always focus on mothering the mother, this my sisters is your time to be mothered by myself and the team. 

As a mother, birth professional, business woman, and founder/head organiser of 'The Annual GCC Natural Birth & Breastfeeding Conference in the UAE', international retreats and events; I know how important it is to create a tight knit sisterhood and invest in oneself.  

By joining this retreat, you will be saying YES to bloom your skills and life in beautiful ways. You will meet other amazing women who will support you and stand by your side. You will be saying YES to YOU. 

Note from Layla B. 


My background has always been in business, events, marketing, banking, charity work and entrepreneurship. I never ever once imagined that I would be in the 'birth' world, but with passion anything is possible. 

After the birth of my first child in January 2014, my negative experience led me to learn more about positive birth options and I trained as a childbirth educator, doula and baby massage instructor. My desire to combine my business background with the birth world merged well together, which led me to found and organise 'The Annual GCC Natural Birth & Breastfeeding conference', a retreat in the UAE with Ina May Gaskin, Janet Balaskas and Sheena Byrom, international trainings, workshops, collaborations and an upcoming retreat with Nicola Mahidiyyah Goodall in the UAE. 

I know that when women get together and stand together, great things happen and we can empower, educate and encourage one another. 

I hope you join us! 

Click here to read more about me.  





From May 4th - May 12th 2018 we will embark on a 8 night journey across the North West of Morocco. Morocco is much more than Marrakech and being originally Moroccan and having lived there for 13 years, I am super delighted to host you in the beautiful North of Morocco. 

This part of our journey will include :

  • Exploration of cities, our intentions and our true self

  • Eating good food (Moroccan cuisine is super yummy). In Asilah we will have our own private Moroccan chef, cooking home-made food. Vegetarian options too! 

  • Energising our bodies with morning exercise sessions, walking & dancing with the locals

  • Empowering each other to achieve the possible which is never impossible

  • Encouraging one another to open our hearts and mind to the journey ahead, while meeting local traditional midwives and local women

  • Exercises, sharing sessions, workshops and healing sisters circles

  • Expanding into the woman we can be, will be and want to be

  • Excitement: Lots of fun and a well deserved time to 'mother' you! 

  • Education: Nicola Mahdiyyah Goodall, from Red Tent Doulas- UK; Traditional local midwives/healers-Morocco; and me Layla :) 

Who is this for:

- Maximum of 15 women

- Women ready to establish a sisterhood, smile, invest in themselves & learn lots of amazing ancient healing techniques

Nicola Mahdiyyah Goodall






Workshop details



































































Layla & Traditional Moroccan healers/Mid-wives




























Retreat location: Morocco! 

Its been over twenty years since Nicola first began to support families around birth.  Getting deeper and deeper enmeshed through her own childbirth experiences.

Living close by to international best-selling author, teacher and obstetrician Michel Odent and Lilianna Lammers in South London she was lucky enough to be amongst the first Paramana doulas officially taking his course in 2002. 

2014 saw the launch of red tent doulas which is a radical new preparation programme for women who support new families around birth – preparing themselves for the work by self-development and also education. Red tent is now travelling around the world and has women from Indonesia, Australia, Spain, Italy, Greece as well as the UK, UAE and now Morocco. 

We will spend about 10-15 hours with Nicola covering a range of amazing and exciting workshops during the first part of the retreat in Asilah. 





Motherwarming – postnatal support workshop (4 hours)

Workshop exploring traditional postnatal techniques from around the world. We honour the grandmothers who have preserved these traditions.

  • suitable for mothers, birthkeepers and anyone else who’ll be loving the mother postnatally

  • warming foods

  • massage

  • herbs, tonics and oils for healing and restoring

  • vaginal steaming

  • strategies for keeping the resting and warming going

**We will also arrange to meet local traditional midwives in Morocco and learn their pre/postnatal traditions and even eat some traditional postnatal meals**


Bengkung postnatal belly wrapping

(2 hours)

This workshop is suitable for mothers to be as well as birth keepers. We honour the grandmothers who have preserved these traditions and make this workshop a sharing of what we have learnt from them thus far.

  • workshop learning how to wrap mama’s belly in her postnatal rest period

  • helps strengthen the tummy and back

  • brings the stomach muscles back in which helps them heal back together in a stronger, flatter less protruding way

  • by the end of the session you understand what’s happened to the physiology during pregnancy and how to strengthen and retain core stability in the postnatal period


Closing Ceremonies - the end of 40 days

 (4 hours) 


    Developing spirituality around birth

    (1.5 hours)

    Last year Nicola was invited by the Italian doulas summer school to run a day for them with the remit spirituality around birth – it was an incredible day she enjoyed so much that she wanted to hang with birthkeepers talking spirituality more often!

    • how are you developing your spirituality around being a birthkeeper

    • what are your traditions around birthing

    • how to support families developing their understanding of the Divine around birth

    • motherblessings and fatherblessings

    • traditional spiritual understandings of birth and motherhood

    • we will bless each other as part of this day – onward with our journey as birthkeepers



    The beauty of this trip will be getting to meet Moroccan local, traditional healers/midwives who have worked with hundreds of women and had generations of wisdom passed down to them. 

    We will learn their version of closing the bones, steam packs, postpartum foods and other traditions they share with women. 

    I, Layla, will be spending this summer 2017 meeting and learning with the traditional midwives and healers. 





    Morocco is known as the land of history, culture, hospitality, nature, beauty and amazing food! Morocco is a kingdom of wonders that has so much to offer - four different mountain ranges march across the land, while golden beaches line a coast that borders both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara desert in the South. Throughout the land you'll find lush oases, rivers and hospitable people, it is truly a kingdom that rewards the curious, adventurous and the one seeking an unforgettable journey. 

    We will spend the first 6 nights in a private villa in Asilah (with private pool, chef, hamam, amazing views) and the last 2 nights in a beautiful hotel in Chefchaouen. The Asilah villa has one room with 6 single beds and another 2 rooms with 1 double bed and 1 single bed. The hotel in Chedchaouen has twin rooms (2 single beds).  

    The weather in the North of Morocco during May is usually between 18-22 degrees c. This is Spring time and not crowded, perfect for our adventure. 

    (images of some of the accommodation in the gallery below)

    To learn more about each city and see some sights, check out these videos here -------------------------> 


    The Food:


































    Moroccan cuisine is internationally known and we have an abundance of amazing seasonal organic fruits, vegetables, cheeses and anything you can think of!

    We will spend most of our time at the private villa where we will have a local home cook/chef who will prepare the majority of our meals. We try to source as much organic food as possible. 

    We will also have the chance to learn how to make a hearty Moroccan postpartum meal! 

    Breakfasts include (not limited to) fresh home made bread, home made pastries, pancakes, home made preserves, free range eggs, cheese, fresh olives and olive oil, natural honey, fresh fruits, cereals, juice, Moroccan tea (of course), coffee and so much more. 

    Lunch and dinner will range with salads, soups, appetisers, moroccan samosas, tagines, couscous, pulses, etc, everyday we will have different main courses (sometimes vegetarian, fish, chicken, beef, lamb etc).

    Lunch will be a lighter buffet style meal and dinner will be a sit down meal sharing round the table (as most Moroccan families do). 

    Healthy snacks will also be available. 

    We can cater to your dietary requirements!


    • Airport/port/train station RETURN transfers from Tangier (May 4th)

    • Airport RETURN transfer from Casablanca (if you can not get to Tangier easily, arriving on May 4th)

    • Support in arranging your flight and trip

    • 8 nights accommodation (sharing basis) (Arriving May 4th, departing May 12th - midday)

    • All breakfasts, lunches and dinners

    • Snacks and all the Moroccan tea your heart can desire! 

    • Transport to and from each city (our own bus)

    • Morning Exercise classes, Walks and a belly dance class

    • Sightseeing in Asilah, Tangier, Chefchaouen and Akchour

    • Workshops with Nicola Mahdiyyah Goodall and local traditional midwives

    • Traditional Moroccan hamam (steam bath with full body scrub, plus your own hamper with all natural traditional beauty products) 

    • Traditional Moroccan wedding style party (with henna, wedding dinner, tea/sweets and dancing) - ladies only of course! 

    • Learn how to make a Moroccan postpartum meal

    • Custom made Moroccan caftan

    • Meeting local women and traditional midwives

    • Amazing goody bag with lots of surprises (you will not be disappointed, I promise)

    • Lots of tears, laughter, ahh-haa moments and full on sisterhood

         (Does not include travel insurance & flight)














    This retreat is open to 15 women only. 

    Investment for you is only:

    • 2,550 (GBP) up to 1st September 2017 (Early bird) 

    • 2,850 (GBP) after 1st September 2017 (Regular rate)

    If you sign up with a friend you will each get a 250 GBP discount, please email us to register. 

    Interest free payment plans available! 

    (No refunds provided after payment. If we cancel the event for any reason you will receive a full refund)





    •  Pay for the retreat in full (2,550 GBP) for the early bird rate; OR

    • Opt for instalments under the early bird: first payment is (550 GBP) and then 4 future payments of 500 GBP each. 


    If you live in the UK, you can send the payment to our UK bank account directly (email us). 

    If you live in the UAE, you can send the payment to our UAE bank account directly (email us).



    • Who is this for?

    Women who want to spend 8 nights away in Morocco with other amazing women, creating a sisterhood, establishing bonds, expanding our lives, connecting with locals, experiencing new adventures and sharing the journey together!  

    Women ready to live, love, laugh and lead! 


    The best airport to arrive in is Tangier Boukhalef (TNG) airport. There are direct flights from London (usually Air Arabia) and other European cites. 

    For those coming from further away there may not be any direct flights. If you can make a transfer in Europe and then continue to Tangier, that is great. If not, no worries, you can get a direct flight to Casablanca. We can arrange a car to pick you up with any other ladies arriving to Casablanca (about 5 hour drive to Tangier). 

    It is a good idea to search on skyscanner or cheapoflights to get the best deals. 

    You can also get the ferry from Spain to Tangier. 

    • Can you help me with the travel arrangements?

    Yes we can most certainly help you! As soon as you make your first deposit we can help you search for the best flights and travel options to get you to Tangier safely and happily! 

    If there are a few people travelling from the same country, then we will put you in touch so perhaps you may travel together or meet up.

    In any case do not worry, we will make sure everything is sorted and easy for you. 


    • Can my partner/baby come?

    The retreat is for adult women only, however for any special cases please get in touch with us. 

    • Do you have a full agenda of the trip?

    Yes of course! Please click here (subject to slight changes)

    • Do we have to participate in the exercise classes?

    You do not have to, however it is advisable as it will involve a lot of relaxation, contemplation and is a great stress reliever! It will definitely make you feel better and we have the most amazing smiley instructor. 

    • Is there vegetarian food options?

    Yes there is, we will send out a questionnaire when you sign up, so we know what you like and dislike!

    • Is it safe to travel alone to Morocco?

    Yes it is completely safe to travel alone to Morocco. In any case we will meet you in Tangier when you arrive and we will stay together for the entire time. 

    • Why should I join this NOW?

    Not only is this a great chance to explore Morocco, but this is a chance to invest in YOU, spend time and energy all on YOU. I personally also invest in myself as knowledge is power and sisterhood is my thing! 

    The question is: Why should you NOT join NOW :) 

    • Can I afford this?

    This is an investment in yourself, you will find a way to make it happen! The reason we create our retreats is to bond together, smile, share, learn and be face-to-face with your mentors and tribe. There is nothing that can compare to live retreats and the experience they offer, which can be life changing if you embrace it! 

    We have a payment plan, so no excuses...ohh and it is interest free!!

    • Do I have to wear fully covered clothes in Morocco?

    No, you do not have to. Modest clothes is all that is required, Morocco is a Muslim country but also very modern, so you will see some people fully covered and some who are not. We will provide more details when you sign up. 

    • Do I need travel insurance?

    Yes you must purchase travel insurance to join this retreat, you can easily get a cheap deal online.

    • How does the Moroccan hamam work?

    It is an amazing traditional steam bath right inside our private villa in Asilah, 6 of us at a time will go inside, relax, soak up the steam, full body rub with special Moroccan olive oil soap, full body scrub, special masks, argan oil and you will feel brand new! You will each get your own hamper with all the items inside. 

    • What is this party with the locals about?

    This will be our celebratory night before the end of the retreat! Moroccan weddings are truly spectacular and we want you to have a small experience of that. You will be dressed in your own custom made Moroccan caftan, we will get henna done, a traditional female music band dressed to impress, special traditional tea lady-making loads of tea live, wedding dinner feast, Moroccan sweets, Moroccan dancing and loads of fun memories. We will also invite some local women.


    Oh yes you do :) A lovely combination of green tea and mint, you will get served this tea all the time wherever we go!!

    Don't worry, if you do not drink tea, we have lots of other options too (non-alcoholic though).